COVID-19 Weddings and What To Expect

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Bride and Groom using hand sanitiser before signing the wedding register at The Mansion House in Tunbridge Wells

Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on weddings this year. Guidelines have been so up in the air that many lovely couples have unfortunately had to rearrange plans; postponing their special day until restrictions are lifted, or instead are taking on board the regulations in place and are getting married. For all those that are planning to keep to their wedding date or are going to have their wedding under the current COVID-19 regulations, you needn’t worry yourselves. From a photographer’s perspective, there is beauty in these smaller and more simplified weddings under government guidelines. The whole ceremony becomes a lot more intimate and no moment goes overlooked.

Bride and groom holding hands during a socially distanced wedding ceremony

So you’re getting married under the current Coronavirus Pandemic. We thought we would share a few details with you to put your minds to rest. What better way to know what to expect than to see what others have done?

Before the Ceremony

  • Prior to your allotted time inside the registry office, all guests will be asked to wait outside the building. So if there is any uncertainty about the weather, umbrellas will definitely come in handy for your guests.
  • Depending on the venue, the Bride and Groom may be allowed inside before everyone else to finish final checks. This is a good time for your photographer(s) to capture the excitement and anticipation of your awaiting guests.
  • Rules, such as social distancing and regularly disinfecting your hands, are in place throughout all open registry offices, and the teams behind the scenes do an amazing job of making sure all guests feel comfortable and safe.

What to Know During the Ceremony

  • The 30 guest limit within a wedding ceremony includes any vendors you may have. This includes DJs, performers and photographers, as well as Bride and Groom. It does not include the members of staff at the registry offices and party catering.
  • In the efforts of safety and protection, registry offices and venues try to get everything done as quickly as possible. In doing so they request that any special ceremonial or religious traditions be adapted to fit a tighter time frame. They are understanding of essential rituals within religious context, however by law, the venues look to complete their jobs and have all your guests on their way again as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • During the ceremony your guests will be seated 1 to 2 meters apart, depending on the venue space. Although this may feel unusual we assure you that everyone’s excitement for the Bride and Groom fills the empty spaces. This in turn also gives for some beautiful photo opportunities of your individual guests.
  • All interactions with books and pens, by the Bride and Groom and their appointed witnesses, are handled carefully with antibacterial hand gels for everyone’s safety. The staff at these venues are also wearing gloves when handing anything you may interact with.

Bride and Groom using hand sanitiser before signing the wedding register at The Mansion House in Tunbridge Wells

A Little Reminder from your Photographers

  • While masks are required inside any public venues during the COVID-19 pandemic, as photographers we advise you purchase comfortable face-masks. You don’t want any imprints on your skin or to pull your ears uncomfortably, as they may show on photographs later.
  • Wedding party coordinated face masks are always a good bet, to keep the uniformity throughout the whole day. Matching them to your wedding’s colour schemes would even go a long way photographically.

We know that there is a lot to look out for when it comes to your wedding. We hope this should help relieve any, or some, of the stress you may be feeling. A COVID-19 Wedding can still be as smooth as you’d dreamed your wedding would be.

Wedding guest wearing wedding attire and folding a face mask

Bride and Groom kissing during socially distanced wedding ceremony

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