Why Pick a Reportage Wedding Photographer?

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bride and the mother of the bride.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you will account for so many details. From the guests to the colour schemes, from the first course to the final dance track, and yet when the day comes it goes like in a blur! A day filled with loved and joy and those excited butterflies in your stomach, and the last thing you want is for all the hard work you’ve done to be over in a day. That’s where a reportage photographer becomes so special.

What to Expect from a Reportage Photographer

When you look for your wedding photographer you not only look for someone who can take a nice picture but you want someone who knows how dedicated you have been to making your day go without a hitch, that they take note of it all and that you get to walk away with memories of moments and details that you probably wouldn’t have remembered on the day. Reportage photography is beautiful in its rawness, in its ability to capture the beauty and truth of a person or group of people whilst also being part of your story.

A Reportage Photographer carries the narrative of your special day along, from the crazy preparations to the final dance. Documenting the tiniest details and the biggest laughs and smiles. A common theme you may find with reportage photographers is the focus on guests and their involvement in the day. The guests you invite are just as important a detail to capture as any other on the day. So understand that photographers may not be fixated on you the whole time, plus, you’ll appreciate the breaks and space!

So if you’re looking for photographers that capture the unique, that capture smiles and moments of joy that would otherwise go unnoticed, and if you’re looking for a way to make sure that all your hard work pays of for years and years, then reportage photography is the way to go.

β€œIt is a profound honor as a photographer to witness two people falling in love.” – Jesh de Rox

bride and groom dance at their wedding party

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